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  • 5 June, 2019

In a generation that borned in the middle  of the digital age, mobile devices became an extension of his body. Topics such as communication, entertainment, transportation and even food are given at a single click from their cell phones, that’s why Lanix (a Mexican company that pioneered technology), through a study shows us which are the applications most used by Colombians.

 Instant messaging applications take the lead

For nobody  is a doubt that WhatsApp would lead in the lists of applications used in Colombia, known as one of the most indispensable Apps in cell phones has become fundamental in personal and professional communications. In addition, users say it’s the first thing they check when they unlock their mobile device.

Here we tell you which ones accompany this category:

  1. WhatsApp: 84%
  2. Facebook Messenger: 9%
  3. Facebook Lite: 4%
  4. Skype: 2%
  5. Telegram: 2%

Music apps as faithful companions on long journeys

Colombians we characterized by our joy and variety when it comes to music, and among those surveyed streaming music applications could not be missing. For many a journey on public transport without some music would become eternal, or “impossible” to realize. 45% of people say they pay for the premium service so as not to have advertisements.

  1. Spotify
  2. Deezer
  3. Claro Música.
  4. TuneIN Radio.

Marathon as the most used way of consuming series and movies in audiovisual streaming apps

The mode of entertainment consumption is one of the most changed, for this generation to see a series, novel or film at the same time is almost impossible, and there could not be a better solution than a platform containing all the series and movies of the moment.

Series such as La Casa de Papel, Game Of Thrones, and Stranger Things among others, are breaking the barriers of fanaticism and viralization, so for respondents the applications where they can consume this content are essential in their daily lives.

  1. Netflix
  2. DirecTV Play
  3. Claro Video
  4. HBO Go
  5. Fox Play

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