The challenge of digital transformation in the new economy

Wigilabs - Wigitrends - The challenge of digital transformation in the new economy

  • 20 June, 2019

Our methodology as a digital transformation agency

The strategic common sense is what we call in Wigilabs the process with which we support companies in understanding the opportunities of new technologies and the exponential growth they can obtain by implementing them strategically.

We currently live in a highly interconnected world thanks to the ubiquity of the Internet, we are in a historic moment where the penetration of mobile telephony is very high, and people live exchanging their attention between the real world and the digital world. In fact, this exchange of attention between the real world and the digital world is diluted in a certain way and more and more the case will be presented where they will not recognize if they interacted with a person or an intelligent agent programmed in a digital channel.

It is in this way that what we call the digital world really begins to be part of people’s behavioral habits in a global way, which is why companies, rather than venture into the “digital world” or create digital projects, must understand from a strategic perspective the challenges and opportunities that the accelerated increase in digital innovation and transformation gives them.

“The companies that have the capacity to integrate to their business strategy the enabling opportunities that the new technologies deliver are definitely called to be the leaders in their industry”.

Phase #1: Digital Innovation Sprints

We rethink business objectives and strategies for a complete digital transformation

We start this process with a phase of co-creation and ideation, which, with our innovation sprints together with the client, we can imagine the ideas with the highest digital impact that can be implemented; from improving processes to creating new ways of offering the current value proposition, including developing new disruptive value propositions that allow you to separate from the competition. The ideas generated pose cultural and strategic challenges, rethinking business objectives and strategies along with a basic action plan to align the paradigms of all members of the organization in the face of this new digital mentality.


 Phase #2: Digital Prototyping Sprints 

We test ideas in an agile way minimizing the risk of investment in digital projects

We then carry out prototyping sprints, through which we manage to develop what is called a minimum viable product (the smallest possible version of the product), which allows testing the ideas that were imagined in the co-creation phase. It integrates the key functionality that fulfills the benefits that the imagined idea can offer to users.


Phase #3: Analysis, development and evolution for a complete digital transformation


Optimization of the digital platform 

After the launch of the minimum viable product, we analyzed in detail the behavior and interaction of users to measure whether the desired impact was achieved. If it has been a successful process, we advance with a cycle of development and continuous evolution of the product using agile methodologies, which, together with our clients, allows us to incorporate new functionalities and improve the usability of the platform.

“Companies can always imagine new ways of doing things or adding value.”

Since its launch, we have implemented technologies that allow us to obtain valuable information that arises as a result of the interaction that users are having with the platform, data that we cross with other data that may be stored in different databases of our customers.

This process of digital transformation in Colombia can be done quickly, just sit down as a team to think about how technology is going to change and transform the way things can be done in your industry, both internally (processes), as well as at the level of your company.

To deliver the value proposition (customer interaction); it is an exercise of creative imagination; it is simply stopping and thinking about how they can do things better in the light of technology.

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