Technological trends that will impact business in 2019

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  • 22 May, 2019

Experts in Digital Development made their contribution of which would be the last business tendencies in the world of the businesses, marketing, finances, logistics, SMEs and startups that would mark course this 2019.

Here we will highlight the main trends for business innovation in 2019

Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence

The applications will be more personalized, implementing the intelligent robotics that is already a reality in the industrial processes and Big Data management, providing a greater volume of control sensors in the processes.

It will allow the industry to complete the digital transformation in which it is already immersed and which is a reality to achieve business innovation.

Invisible Payments

One of the most innovative financial trends that this 2019 presents us without a doubt is that of going through the checkout process without the need to pay, that is, using technologies that recognize your presence, scanning the purchase and taking the payment of your account in an “invisible” way.

It is a system in which technology is able to identify the customer by means of his eye or fingerprint. The details of the purchase will be kept in sync with the phone and that way you can make purchases without queues.

Expansion of e-Commerce

By 2019, there is a clear vision of what could be the expansion of e-commerce, increasing sales by 10% since 1 out of 4 Colombians makes purchases online on a regular basis.  (


As we already know, climate change and the sustainability of the planet is an increasingly worrying and important issue, and just one of the trends for 2019. That is why solutions will be sought in distribution and parcels to preserve the environment.

Marketing Data Driven

Data always have the answer, therefore growth models and evaluation of results must be based on data. Tools such as metrics are used, together with bussiness intelligence.

Machine Learning First

The application of Big Data in education will be a revolution to adapt and improve the learning of each student.  Machine Learning First through data analysis can identify patterns of behavior in different learning styles, and offer improvements in methodologies, these being specific to each student and ensure success in all competencies.

Natural Language Processing

Automatic question and answer systems perform their function by answering questions asked in natural language, being an important source of how some QA systems extract information from a text or image to answer a specific question.

It’s your turn to make the most of these business trends. If you wish you can read more articles related to this and other technology and innovation topics to take your company to another level or train yourself to be a CEO who changes the world view.

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