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  • 24 July, 2019

The mobile device has become an indispensable instrument in people’s lives, an exchange of attention between the real world and the digital world, ¡ an extension of the human being! And how to deny it when results of studies such as the one carried out by comScore assures us that groups of people like Millennials spend almost 13 hours per week connected to their smartphones.

The Executive Director and Founder of IMS, Gastón Taratuta, complements the study that “helps to better understand the mobile consumer in Latin America and assesses the familiarity and importance of apps for users”; In addition to this, this information allows us to understand that people currently use their cell phone for everything, that they are immersed in the digital world and looking forward to seeing what is the new have to give them.

“9 out of 10 internet users connect through the use of mobile devices.”

In Colombia, according to Kantar Ibope Media, in 2016,it was a 28% increase in smartphone acquisition, a trend that increases internet consumption in recent years.

Analyzing this panorama is clear that large or small companies must think about migrating to the creation of a digital business model and being able to see the opportunities that it offers to become a mobile company, as we call it in Wigilabs.

The development of mobile applications brings great benefits for a company, it is an opportunity to make better decisions and deliver much more value to its customers in an innovative way. 

Why is important have an application for your company?

24/7 access from the mobile application

It is a much more personal connection, native applications are available to the user 100% of the time, unlike other points of contact such as the website or social networks that provide information from time to time and that their connection with the user, it depends on different factors of frequency of use.

User Experience Customization

It is likely that whoever downloads the application has already had contact with the brand, either through their social networks or made purchases, so that a personalized service can be offered thanks to the analysis of their behavior within the application based on tastes and frequency of purchase or use.

A mobile app allows the creation of actions such as notifications, georeferencing, obtaining databases. All are effective formulas to retain each user and accompany him in his decision making.

Sales Increase

Facilitating a channel like this, ensures an increase in sales of products or services, as the development of custom mobile apps, from a good implementation of UX – UI, provides a faster, safer and at hand experience to the acquisition of them.

Source: comScore / Money Magazine


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