Culture of digital transformation in organizations

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  • 15 July, 2019

Innovation has become a fundamental strategy for organizations that want to go a step ahead in their industry, which want to remain relevant. Therefore, when we talk about digital transformation or the implementation of new technologies, the most important thing is to take risks.

The Moonshot, is a term of great importance when we talk about new challenges, it is an objective with which we want to achieve a result 10 times greater than the current one instead of wanting to obtain only 10% more; and it is true that we can achieve better results more and more by including new work methodologies in the company’s processes, including improved equipment in each area of ​​the company; However, there is a key factor to consider objectives that seem impossible and that are capable of raising the standards of the company, be part of the essence of the company, and this factor is the change of culture in the organization.

The digital transformation is a culturalchange and must permeate in all the levels and processes of the company, begins with considering a high impact objective and then the unstoppable search to achieve it.

• Transformation led from the head.
• Improve the capabilities of their teams continuously.
• Take the culture of taking risks.
• Become organizations capable of retaining talent.

 A digital transformation led from the head

Beyond updating technologies in the organization, the fear of taking risks must disappear in the work team and, on the contrary, understand errors as a requirement of success; but this is an idea that is born from the head, from the leadership. And one of the advantages that these digital risks offer us is that we can measure results in real time, allowing us to test the ideas before implementing them to give more security to the company in each step. An organization that is based on a digital culture tests ideas to perfect them before launching them to the market and this is possible to do it at great speed.(H3) Digital projects with a touch of riskCreating teams in the organization dedicated to innovation is an option to fight traditional ideas little by little. Each new challenge that involves changing the digital transformation will require adjustments, but the most important thing at the start is to convince us of the change, that what we consider to be possible is not possible and to know with what purpose it is being developed.Every step we take toward that goal will be done periodically to make sure we go where we want.

Source: Deloitte


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