6 Aspects that you must take into account in the technology for business in Colombia

Wigilabs - Wigitrends - 6 Aspects that you must take into account in the technology for business in Colombia

  • 14 June, 2019

The growth of business models that work hand in hand with the advances of the economy of platforms and in general the digital era have forced us to see ourselves immersed in the different opportunities offered by technological means and therefore we want to tell you some aspects in trend that will help you in the proper development of innovation:

1.Extinction of shopping centres as we know them

The experience of users in shopping centres has changed, be it due to new business models offered by virtual shopping or the demand of consumers for a specialised service; this has led to the creation of spaces focused on experience and entertainment, either through exhibitions or animal-friendly zones that have made the user feel more welcome in spaces that were previously derived solely from shopping.

2.The importance of Chatbot

The software that has generated all kinds of reactions, positive or negative, has been one of the great aids for Colombian companies, since the immediate attention to the client generated a high cost. Now, through a configuration the client will have a contiguous response to their first needs or questions of users.

3.Brand – Consumer (D2C)

The direct-to-consumer operation (D2C), is visible mainly in electronic commerce, an example of these are the brands that have their own virtual sales portals. The advantage of this operation is the control it has by public regulatory entities of the traceability of transactions, in addition to security in guarantees and the protection of consumer rights.

4.Internet payments and virtual wallet

Since the departure of Decree 1357 of 2018 and even before, the strength of digital commerce opened the doors to the ease of virtual payment, whether with virtual wallets, virtual credit cards, or digital debit cards that have enabled dynamic methods of purchase and facilitate the user experience..

5.Trade + Artificial Intelligence

With the technological advances that are coming from the hand of products that have some kind of assistant developed with IA, have facilitated simple processes such as the reproduction of music, to the purchase without entering the virtual store, which translates into a better user experience.

6.Data as the most important asset

It is not a secret that all these advances came from a good reading of the needs and behaviors of users, so the good repositioning and interpretation of data became the main attraction of brands and business models, since a company that responds correctly to the needs of its consumers is a brand that is leading markets..

Source of information: magazine LA NOTA ECONÓMICA – Universo TIC (Pag 18-19).

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