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Ethicon App

Through Ethicon, as the inversion to simplify and optimize their global suture portfolio, the brand offers a digital tool to its sales force to bring access to the costumers of their products and technology of the highest quality in the global scale, continuing its 130-year-old legacy of innovation and leadership in advanced surgery.


Our development team assumed the challenge of creating Ethicon. Through our agile development methodology, we have established a simple and effective system that brings solutions in a short amount of time, allowing us to build an adaptable and growing solution valuable to our client.
Through the system’s conceptualization, design, and user experience stages, with an understanding of costumer necessity and final user, we designed a navigation flow optimized to provide the best user experience and a greater products offers.


Continuous Improvement

We continue bringing benefits for both the brand and the final user through the use of a continuous optimization in the following aspects.

  • User Interaction
  • Functionality
  • Insights and Data analysis
  • Maintenance and technological updating
Continuous Improvement

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