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Proyecto Constructora Bolívar
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Proyecto Constructora Bolívar
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Cuotas al Dia

Is a platform created for residents to centralize and mobilize neighborhood residencies. It allows the user to upload data, make payments, access to the resident list, created a flexible payment interface which facilitated monthly payments for residents, created a communication interface between residents, and expanded on the accessibility and visualization of property information for users.

Cuotas al Dia

Platform Development

Cuotas al Dia is concerns of 5 modules: App, core, Dashboard, Home, and Shared. Each module is comprised of two different folders, one containing the modules basic components and a Shared folder where the Pipes, Services, Guards, and other services can be found.
We developed the app through the use of JavaScript and Typescript as the code language. For the framework, we benefited from the many characteristics given by angular development 7 and the platform execution was done through Nodejs.

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