Our team

We created the right strategy to be the best worlwide
company building digital platforms which transforms
and add value the way our customers they relate.

We love challenges that lead us to the success.
We are at risks and our creativity is the most
important thing when we think about our customer.

We design unique ideas with love.

We are aware of the tiny point, if we need to solve
any problema, we do it. The best parto of this
is that we have fun doing this.

We love details and story tellings. We are on
the side of our clients till they reach
their goals.

We live in a constant learning and we
transform information in opportunities.

Andrés Méndez

Juan Carlos Suárez

July Riveros

Fabiola Gutiérrez

Jairo Ruiz

Daniel Castro

Verónica Orlando

Lorena Oyola

Karen Pineda

Camila Barbosa

Johan Meneses

Sofía Chamorro

Santiago Carrillo

Daniela Jiménez

Jimmy Moreno

Carlos Salas

Adriana Reyes

Edwin Espejo

Elkin Fracica

Dayana Pasaje

Andrey Carreño

Jeison González

Cristian Fuentes

Yeimer Rojas

Sergio Peñaranda

Michel Meneses

Camilo Sanchez

Jefferson Becerra

Paola Amado

Lizeth Gaitán

Rosangel Domínguez

Alejandra Moreno


Cindy Morales

David Carranza

Jorge Garay