We Love

We are driven by the desire to aid our customers in
capitalizing on the multiple opportunities of
the new industrial revolution, the Digital Era!


We Love

We are driven by the desire to aid our customers in
capitalizing on the multiple opportunities of
the new industrial revolution, the Digital Era!



Website - App móvil - Diseño UI/UX

Claro Colombia

We specialized on developing digital channels with the best
user interface, facilitating the commercialization and expanding
the loyalty of the #1 telecommunications company in the country.

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Website - App móvil - Diseño UI/UX


We covered the digital necessities for the brand
in Central America and we broadened its
accessibility and reach in a significant way.

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Website - App móvil - Diseño UI/UX

Johnson & Johnson

Our development team assumed the
challenge of creating Ethicon.

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About us

About Wigilabs

Don’t wait until your competition transforms the world,
let’s work together and become the leaders of the digital change.


Our Solutions

Innovation Sprints.

Make an immersion and integral analysis of your business by challenging
the Status Quo.

  • Identify objectives and business opportunities
  • Identify necessities, expectations, and habits of your target audience.
  • Create as many ideas as possible to unify business objectives with the expectations of your target audience.
  • Produce solution by using the tools of design thinking. desarrollo MVP
  • Define a course of action to make a more tangible platform or digital platform conjunctions (MVP Specifics of Roadmap Development, Scheduling, costs, etc.).

Prototype Sprints.

Put forth your ideas in an agile manner while limiting or minimizing inversion costs.

  • Create an agile prototype of your product, application, or idea (Design).
  • Test your hypothesis. Test your product in a quick and sequential manner with your users and receive valuable insights that will allow you to discover opportunities which will help you define your product.
  • Obtain your minimal viable quantity of your product and put it in the market
  • Measure the impact of your product in your target audience. Improve the team and developing process and launch the reworked product to the market.

Optimized Business
Performance Solutions

Customized applications for all your company’s transactional processes, optimizing them and identifying value for your customers.

Management Solutions:

  • Identify gaps in your processes (end to end).
  • Simplify processes and save on operating costs.
  • Accelerate task execution time.
  • Simplify and accelerate the document management of your company.
  • Improve the exploration of your data to respond more quickly.
  • Make performance decisions under KPI dashboard visualization.

Turn your company into a mobile company.

Mobile solutions for increased productivity and easy access to key information anytime, on any device.

  • Get real-time information and accelerate decision making.
  • Enable remote working and accelerate any business process.
  • Improve the productivity of your staff and improve the welfare of your employees.
  • Improve coordination and communication among your employees.
  • Reduce your sales and customer service cycle times.
  • Make decisions from your mobile device anywhere.
  • Facilitate travel planning, expense management, and permitting.

Financial solutions:

Web sites and mobile that allow the mobilization and optimization of financial information processing.

  • Consult financial operations in real time.
  • Budget planification
  • Financial consolidation.
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Account Automation.

Software developing to the measure 

Platforms and Applications


Cost-effective solutions developed and centered in and for the user, with logical design and mobile adaptation

  • Websites
  • Corporal systems
  • Collaborative work Platforms
  • Specifics Solutions

Mobile Applications.

Native or hybrid Solutions which abide with budget and time constraints for all devices and platforms.

  • Productivity applications
  • Educations Applications
  • Entertainment and game Applications
  • Utility Applications
  • Dashboards and mobile BSC


Big Data Applications and Platforms.

Personalized tools to discover important and undermined knowledge of your business, maintaining data secure and easy to access.

  • Big Data- Data discovery and refinery
  • Data Management- Platform and data management
  • Data Science – Data mining (Sponsor finding)
  • Prediction Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Machine Learning


Legacy Integrations.

Integrate ecosystem of independent application in your IT environment, converting it into a coherent and functional system.

  • System Architecture
  • Service Bus
  • Backend Integration
  • Compatibility integrations
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Business middleware development

Development capacity increase


We bring you the adequate team to reach your goals in technology and innovation. We have multidisciplinary resources, from business analysis to disruptive technologies.

  • Front end and Backend Development
  • Front end and Backend Development
  • Data Science
  • UX/UI
  • IoT
  • System Integration Projects

Inbound Marketing, Content Strategy & Media Planning

We help our clients to provide the most effective visual on the platforms we develop for them, further creating stories that draw people to make use of the functionalities of each application and platform that we make, our visibility strategies are oriented to create business conversions.

  • Content strategy (storytelling)
  • Content strategy (storytelling)
  • Media planning oriented in an improved performance and motivate the use our made platforms.
  • Measuring dashboards, conversion, and digital behavior analysis of the audience.
  • Search engine optimizations

Cloud technology Based Systems

We offer the option to migrate your current digital infractsture to the cloud, with a 24/7 administration worked by our expert team, guaranteeing a continuous operation.

  • Security increase with the backup of the leading companies in the field (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure).
  • Service level of 99.99% (Excluding 4 hours of unavailability for the year)
  • Infrastructure deployment up to standards.
  • Recovery time reductions
  • Prevents hardware loss by not relying on physical machines
  • Prevents data loss for physical damages (disc damages, battery damages, etc.)
  • Create VPSs (Virtual private Servers) in a flexible manner which allows CMS hosting for apps such as WordPress, Magengo, or Oogla.
  • Environment management in Linux or Microsoft Hardware


You have trusted in wigilabs

We have always delivered the best of us in our projects, because the quality and effectiveness of our products and services is our priority.

They choose us, and we gave them many reasons to stay.