VIDEOGAMES | Google Stadia, the innovative video game platform designed by Google.

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Google announced and promised the world a revolutionary video game platform. It is about a service that will allow you to play through streaming, and it has nothing to do with something that has been seen to date on other platforms.

At a press conference, Google announced that: “the future of video games is not a console”, since it is a streaming platform that gives priority to maximum accessibility over any other consideration. As they explain, it is a service that will allow you to play all kinds of blockbusters on any screen, from mobile phones to tv and of course through computers.

Apparently, everything works through the use of Google Chrome and, through Google’s servers, the data is loaded and downloaded at a speed that they claim, there will be no latency problems even in the most demanding multiplayer experiences.

“Everything will be immediately, even from a YouTube trailer, once pressing the PLAY button, we will be in the game in five seconds.”

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Special Stadia Control

As we mentioned, Stadia does not require a console, but they did launch a special control that has a button to capture images and content of games that can be shared directly. Additionally, it has a Google Assistant button, which will be used to activate various service functions at the same control.

The famous control has special features such as: it connects directly to the Wi-Fi network and thus to Google’s servers to play, not to the device that is being used, so they assure, the experience would be with minimal latency.
And if at any time you get stuck on a level, Google through the Assistant button gives you advice, shows videos of how to overcome that area or puzzle and a lot of content that will change the way you interact with video games.
From its launch, Stadia is compatible from Chromecast, compatible TV’s with Google Cast, smartphones and tables iOS and Android, as well as computers from the Chrome browser. Among other details, the maximum resolution of the games will be 4K HDR at 6ofps, but they promise that in the future they will be able to offer rates of more than 120fps and even 8K resolution.

To conclude, could Stadia be a gaming platform for live streaming in the near future? What do you guys say?

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