The investment of customer support is one of the most significant elements when we want to give the best user experience. We have developed several services in AI that have been real allied in inmediate attetion.

Chatbots are the evolution of the “bots” (computer programs that copy the human behaviors) They are known because they can have a real conversation with a person and this is why they have been used in several campaigns to give customer suppor to users through texting. But, can the chatbot replace the human interaction with the users? This Technology, has lots of advantages over humans, they to have our same need such as sleep, eat, take a vacation, actually they can work 24 hours per day, they can manage different languages and “talk” with thousands of users at the same time without changes in their emotions. Nevertheless, we have to recognize that depite the advances, IA is limited. For example, today chatbots just can perform the tasks or activites they are programmed for and they cant do something with different requirement. The first device that allowed implemet the digital voice recognition was IBM Shoebox. Launched in the market in 1961 and introduced to the audience in 1962 during the Seattle Worldwide Fair. “Seattle 21 Century Exposition”. This computer was developed 20 years before the first IBM Computer that was shown to the world in 1981. This computer was capable to recognize 16 words and digits from 0 to 9. This was the begginig of a huge revolution.   Source: El País